Title from song Carry on by Fun, it's from a playlist I listened to a lot today which is just full of feel good songs. I was just walking to and from school half skipping with a big grin on my face because most of the songs on the playlist were just perfect. and that was one of them. It's very ture,because even when i can't deal with things mentally my legs still work and usually I go for a walk or something and just keep my legs going.
This post is a bit later than I'd like, I looked at the date last night before I went to bed and suddenly thought I should've done a post then, oops. It's here now though so it's only a day later than I'd like.
Another photo experiment this time, the outfit and pictures weren't too interesting so I thought I'd make them a bit more interesting. Though there aren't many because I didn't have many to start with, and because it took a while to edit them. I don't have many because I was shooting these on a hill in the middle of a park where a lot of people around could see me and though I didn't get too many stares I did feel really self concious. But it's definitely a step up on my confidence taking pictures out and means I'm gunna be able to try more open spaces and public places to do my photos.
I also actually signed my photos, I will probably do this in future but create one to use as a watermark, it takes too long otherwise.

Jumper - Urban Outfitters// Skirt - Asda// Shoes - Carboot sale//
Choker - Extreme Largeness// Rings - Topshop and Chxrmed//

So I hope you liked this little experiment, I'm quite pleased with how it turned out and would like to do more like this in the future, but definitely with more planning and more time so I can make everything a bit neater and generally better. I got very frustrated with the wings one, I drew one perfectly and the one on the left just didn't seem to work, it took me so long to get them just about right :') And then I thought Id saved a photo which hadn't, but it tuned out it actually had so I edited the same picture 3 times, though the third time was the best so I can't really complain. Lesson of the day, don't edit when tired and in a bit of a rush.
But yes now I am going to bed, lots of sleep needed as lots of work to do tomorrow. Definitely starting to get this work thing sorted out and I'm actually doing some, hurrah! My next post will probably be me sharing instagram photos from the last month, thought that was a ncie monthly post to do so I shall see you then!
Thanks for reading!