So you guys all know how much I love talking photos, and my instagram is one place where I put my photos other than my blog. So I thought I'd share my photos monthly so I can look back easily and see what I've been doing each month in photos. 

1. Rings from Chxrmed and Awwdore//2. From this outfit post//3. Totoro makes me happy//4. This book is what I've been looking for all my life//5. Ootd close up// 6. Chillin with green tea and a book//7. Beautiful platforms from Pretty flowers//9. Selfies before ootds//10. From this outfit Post//11. More selfies before ootds//12. From this outfit psot//13. This ceiling in a changing room looked cool//14. These platforms are everything//15. My wall before I started putting all my revision up//16. From this outfit post//17. Cat paws are the cutest ever//18. Proof of me getting my life in order//19. The sky in winter is juust so perfect//20. From this outfit post//21. My friend's cat looking super cute//22. Selfies with hair horns//

I hope you enjoyed this set of pictures and if you want to see them as the come then follow my instagram. This is sometimes I want to carry on monthly and see how things go, and how my photography style (at least my insta photography style) changes over time. Anyway I'm late getting ready to go out, Sunday nights are usually spent with the girls trying to forget the fact that tomorrow is Monday.
 Thanks for reading!