Hello hello again! Another day another blog post, well 4 days later. Which seems to be the new pattern emerging as it's easier than every 3 days. it rains too much at the moment, because whenever I have the free time to take pictures it seems to be raining. And then when I'm on the way to school, like this morning, it's the most beautiful hazy winter sunshine. It was so pretty this morning it took me such a log time to get to school because I was just walking along bathed in sunshine and everything was hazy and frosty and oh so beautiful.
Started listening to The Cure again today, who will always be my favourite band ever. Whenever I leave and stop listening to them for a while I will always come back. They have so many beautiful songs and I think I would die if I saw them life (life goals).
Shirt - Topshop// Top - Lazy Oaf @ Thunder Egg// Skirt - Hidden Fashion// Shoes - Amazon// Socks - Asda//

 I've been trying to include more photos in m blog posts because I think they're a bit short photowise and I could be doing more, so voila! The background of this is a bit messy so I'm not sure how I feel but I think it turned out all right. I loove these platforms but they're too big :( even with insoles and heel grips they slip off a bit. I'll still wear them though because they're beautiful. Also the socks, from the kids section in Asda, my mum was complaining I was being tacky by buying them but I don't really care.
Need to go and take some more photos this weekend because I don't have any backup, here's fingers crossed for no rain! I think I'm going to have a weekend to myself with lots of photo taking, a bit of work, and just to chill. This week hasn't really gone to plan but that just happens sometimes I guess. That's it from me for now, hope you enjoyed this post.
Thanks for reading!