Hey guys, sorry it's been a while again. I had chickenpox and it kind of took it out of me a bit, and I then had lots of school stuff to catch up on. Busy busy as usual. But I do have this post, which I took before going to see Johnny Marr a couple of weeks back (which was an amazing night). 
For some reason whenever I'm on steps I have to do jumping pictures, they're way too much and you get so many hilariously unattractive pictures that I can't not.
Also, I fiinally have a new phone, which means that I have a phone that can upload to instagram. Which means I'm on instagram a lot more! I'm so very happy about it, I love taking photos and trying to put photos I took with my camrea on was kind of ridiculous. So follow me there to keep up to date with me even when I sometimes fail to post on the blog (oops).

Shirt - Vintage// Boots - Carboot// Bag - LYDC London @ Amazon//

So yeah, be prepared for even more jumping photos and random bits of experimental photography. Thank you for reading and hopefully I will be back with another post pretty soon. Have a good one!