Hey guys, I've been meaning to make this a monthly post for the last few months but I've never gotten round to it. But seeing as I have chickenpox at the moment and only one other outfit post to post I think now is the perfect time to start it! I might also do a shoe collection post soon because I've been meaning to do that too; productive things do come from being ill. 
So I'm gonna show you come of my favourite outfits from some of my favourite blogs of the month of October.

 Cruel Intentions- Feral Creature (from her Collection for Glamistree)
Definitely chosen some of my fave bloggers here. Bit of a witchy vibe, but hey it was October (though witchy vibes are a good thing all year round). I was going to write a bit about why I love each blogger and their outfit underneath each outfit but I'd end up blabbing on forever about how much I love them/their outfit and you guys can form your own opinions I think. Though if people want me to, I will share my thoughts when I do next month.