Sorry for the delay in posts, school has been busy busy. Today's photo taking was a very interesting experience. I always seem to attract cats when I'm out taking photo and today it ended up with one on either side of my tripod meowing at each other. Pretty cute, and one of the cats was reaaally pretty but as I was stroking one, and he was purring away, he decided to bite me; and then continued to putt and my and demand to be stroked more. Then a dog came along and they both left. It was really, really odd.
I also seem to be completely obsessed with any music with a disco beat and the moment, I keep listening to really strange remixes of songs; I  doneed to find more though so feel free to recommend. Oh and a lot of other random technoish stuff like Porter Robinson. The title is from a Pentatonix song, I don't usually go for archapello groups but some of their own stuff is super cool. I was really stuck for a title but I was listening to that song on repeat all last week and it's pretty coool.

Shirt - Asda// Corset Jeans c/o Dress Kode// Boots - Dr. Martens// Necklace - BornPretty
Aren't these jeans cool? They're corseted at the top which basically makes them super high waisted jeans and I am a lover of anything high waisted so these are perfection.
I look so super serious in all these photos, it's pretty funny because I have a lot of bloopers from this post and I look the exact opposite. My camera was running out of battery when I was taking these though so I'm very impressed I managed to get quite a few good shots before it ran out. I have a few posts lined up so I shouldn't be leaving out for as long as I have since my last post.
Thanks for reading!