The title is a bit odd I know, but I was wearing this thinking 'this is grandad style', big scarf, blazer and corduroy shorts. Ok maybe my Grandad wouldn't wear this... and definitely not all together like this but it definitely reminded me of that.
Not sure what I was trying to do with this, I was initially going for a kind of 'spooky' look but it didn't work and I just look a bit silly. And my makeup didn't come out very well on camera, it looked a lot better in person, but c'est la vie I guess.
Scarf and Boots - Primark// Top - Lazy Oaf @ Thunder Egg// Shorts - Charity Shop// Blazer - Car Boot Sale//

 Quite an odd set of photos, I have shot on these stairs before but they're really good for photos. This outfit did bring something to my attention though, people look at me a lot as if I don't know that I'm dressing weirdly. I am very aware that most of the time what I am wearing is out of the ordinary, people don't need to keep their jaws on the floor so I can see they think it's odd. It does make me laugh though; it's not like it matters what I wear. Little kids always tell me they like my lipsticks or items of my clothing though, which is always super sweet. 
Again, not sure what my face is doing. I look very serious and actually quite funny in some of these, oopsies. Anyway, thanks for reading. Have a good week!