Long time no see, sorry! I've had such a busy summer and for some reason, no motivation to blog. I did so much, I went away on a physics course, to Greenman (which was amazing) to Italy (I will post photos once I have finished editing them all) and you can see my photos on my flickr, Alton Towers. So much, it was such a nice summer. I did end up getting into a relationship with the guy I talked about going on a date with in my last post but we broke up a month and a half later; wasn't meant to be. But everything was just so nice this summer. Hope you guys had a good summer, I've gained some new followers over that time so hello and thank you!

And now I'm back at school, and my results didn't go to plan so I'm going to have to work suuuuuper hard to get the grades I need. It's kind of a good think though because I've never really worked that hard at anything academic and I need to learn how to. So I probably won't be posting too much but I'll post when I can, aiming for about once a week; see how that goes.

My sister said I looked like a cartoon character in this outfit, she didn't mean it as a compliment but I definitely take it as one.

Crop Top - Primark// Flowy Top - Tesco// PVC Skirt - ARK// Creepers - Bronx @ Schuh (v. old)// 

Today didn't go to plan, this skirt sticks to my tights as a walk so  was walking to take pictues having to hold the skirt (it is beautiful though so I think I forgive it) and by the time I got there I was a little flustered. Then I was using my new tripod which I have decided I despise, the legs kept collapsing on me and it was really annoying, Plus I haven't taken pictures of myself in ages so I couldn't pose to save my life. But oh well, I got a few good photos at least!
Anyway, I should probably go and get on with some physics work and write up my chemistry notes. Work, work work. It'll be worth it though.
Thank you for reading! I hope to be back soon.