I am aware I look a bit like a mime in this outfit, my mother pointed it out to me many times, though I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. I quite like the mime aesthetic. Anna took these photos for me and I'm very pleased how they turned out, they were taken at night but in a quite well lit place so the shutter speeds were a bit slow and hard to work with. But we made it work. 
The top I'm wearing I wore almost all summer, it's a different shape to most I own, plus it's black and white so goes with almost everything. Plus my dungaree things are shorts that look like a skirt! It's awesome but a pain when you need to pee.

Hat - H&M//Top - Asda// Pinafore thing - Vintage// Shoes - Topshop// Necklace - Extreme Largeness @ Afflecks Palace//

I wore this to the cinema, me and Anna went for dinner and to see Pride, which is an amazing film and I recommend everyone see it immediately. It's so feel good and I jsut walked out feeling so giddy and gayer than ever. Which is why I'm all giggly in most of these photos. I want to watch it again right now to be honest.
Anyway, that's it for now. Thanks for reading!