Today I has my last exam HURAAh, I ca finally relax and get back to blogging and doing lots of stuff I want to do. Unfortunately I'm back in school next week to do welsh bac stuff for a month but I that's not too bad. I have so many things planned, I want to get my YouTube up and running, make clothes, carry on learning Japanese, catch up on TV shows. This summer is gonna be good... most of it I'll probably spend indoor but that doesn't mean it's no fun. But back to today, I went out this morning before my exam to go get outfit pictures, it is very hot here (well for Wales) which is nie but at the same time I'm not used to being sweaty and I really don't like that. 
 The title is from a rather depressing song, but I've had that lyric stuck in my head for a while and couldn't remember what it was from. I've been thinking about imperfection a lot lately and I've come to realise there's a lot of beauty in imperfection.

Shirt - ASDA// Skirt - Pins & Needles @ Urban Outfitters// Socks - Topshop// Shoes - Glamorous//
I've been wanting to do rhinestone eyebrows for a while, I want to do full on all silver covering the whole eyebrows but I thought today was a good opportunity to do something with my eyebrows with my heart rhinestones. I need more rhinestones. These shoes are awesome, they are a bit weird to talk in as the bases are solid plastic, walking in the reminds me of how you see people walking in Geta sandals and they make a similar sound. I'm just so happy and relieved and glad I can spend more time on my blog. I'm gonna make it really good this summer. Thanks for reading.