Should probably explain the title, a 2NE1 song while I'm wearing a Joy division top? Some people would think that's unacceptable but they can carry on thinking that, I don't really care, I like both. I picked this because I feel like Dara in one of her outfits in the Missing You video, but those lyrics are mostly in Korean plus completely non applicable to my life so I chose one of their other ones.
Today was quite pleasant, did some Physics revision, did a bit of shopping (and bought this hat) and then went out to take pictures. I can feel a storm brewing, it's super humid and windy, warm winds too. Normally I don't like sticky heat but today it was nice, I associate it with being on holiday because we always manage to go to places when it's hot a sticky and we're not used to heat like this in the Uk. It wasn't boiling, just not the type of heat we usually have. The wind was very inconvenient with a massive hat on though because I was very worried about it coming off so I carried it most of the way on my way to taking these photos. They worked out so perfectly with the light when I first took them, it almost looked as if I was pasted onto the backdrop.

 Coat - Carboot// T-Shirt - Panic Posters// Skirt - New Look// Boots - Primark// Hat - Miss Selfridge//
These were kind of last minute, I bought this hat and wore it round and realised I could take photos of this outfit, plus I wanted a walk. I think they turned out well, I'll be more creative next time. Hope you're all doing great, don't really have much else to say today, need sleep so I can revise lots again tomorrow. Thanks for reading.