Hello all, hope you're having a brilliant start to the week (or end or middle depending on when you're reading this). I really couldn't decide how to edit these photos, I edited a few yesterday and hated them so I re did them again today and ended up doing one twice. I guess I'm having an indecisive week but I'm sure that will pass once exams are over. After tomorrow I only have two left! And then... I'm back in school... wooo. But that's better than exams, and the weather seems to be going all right and with no exams to worry about I'll be able to more blog posts, wooooo!

I've spent the last couple of days revising, watching anime and playing Animal Crossing so all in all it hasn't been too bad Plus I just had a Eureka moment where all my chemistry work seemed to click. Hopefully that will mean I'll know what I'm talking about in my exam but who knows.
As you can probably tell already I am completely in love with this bag, it'll probably be in my next post and I've just worn it non stop since I got it.  Tried something weird with some of these pictures. I like the collage, will probably do something like that again.

Waistcoat -H&M// Top and Hat - Urban Outfitters//  Skirt - Topshop// Socks - Gift//Boots - Doc Marten// Bag c/o Banggood//

I love the last photo too, it looks like I'm saying bye to you and walking off. This skirt looks best when I'm walking as it swooshes everywhere but I always have a very stern face walking. Really can't wait to get my braces off so I can start smiling more in pictures but who knows when that will be.