Hey guys, sorry about the delay between the last and this post. I had like four exams last week so everything was busy and then my sister's wedding on sunday (which is very lovely and I have pictures of details on my instagram). I had a lot of difficulty finding lyrics for this post because I've just been listening to Grimes and London Grammar whilst revising recently, but I've also recently gotten into listening to the wonderful Foxes and this title is relatable. Letting go is hard but often it's the right thing to do and you'll be better for it, being all deep. Do what makes you happy and try to do nothing else.

In my last post I featured a bag from Banggood but the one today (also from banggood) is even better, it's amazing. I just love this outfit. It's a bit punky, a bit weird and I have had some very odd looks when walking around in this. One of my friends when I was out in this on Friday said something like 'People look you up and down a bit puzzled and then seem to go "oh, ok"' which I like.
 I guess dressing a bit weirdly gives me a thicker skin. I get comments, I get stares and weird or dirty looks but that's ok. I'm doing what I like and dressing how I feel comfortable. Some people feel their most comfortable in jeans and a t  shirt and that's good if that's them, but I personally feel really uncomfortable in jeans and a t shirt. It's all preference and what makes you happy. I also do get lovely comments from the likes of you guys and I try to make sure I hear those over the negative comments and dirty looks because you guys help me remember I'm doing what I feel is right for me. I wouldn't dress like this if I didn't want to, it's not for show or attention, I honestly just love what I wear and wear what I love. Though some of the weird comments I get do make me laugh, people can be so silly sometimes.

Coat and Boots - Carboot// Shirt - Topshop// Leggings - Ebay// Bag c/o Banggood
Now onto this bag, I'm in love with it honestly. I feel like a black and white bowser or a dinosaur in this, they also do it with red, green, blue, yellow and black spikes. It'r really sturdy, I was carrying some shoes along with some other stuff in it the other day and it was completely full and felt fine. And because this bag is designed to be round it still looks good when you stuff if full of stuff. Aand it's pretty waterproof, I wore it out in the rain when I first got it and my stuff stayed dry inside.
The bad has a main pocket and then two really deep side pockets on the side which are lines with a plastic material which is kind of crinkly the spikes are made of a smooth plastic and they stay up on their own unless you squash them. It is honestly such a cool bag, and for only £10.12 I think it's amazing.
I also have a whole load of discounts for banggood here.

I also got this jacket for £1 at the car boot, yes £1. The guy I bought it off laughed at me but I didn't care. It's comfy, it fits, its super cool and it cost me £1. I also got the boots for £10, got home to find they were fake but they seem pretty good quality and they're a really cool print. Ahh this has turned out quite a long post, should be updating more soon when exams are coming to an end. Hope you're all having a lovely week and thank you for reading