Hello all, how ya doing? I'm so glad I went outside today it was glorious... though a little too hot. I felt like I was baking a bit but it wasn't actually 'that' hot, but for the Uk it was (at 23 degrees C). First time I've had my legs out this year and it felt great. Though for some reason as soon as I'm not wearing tights guys think they can treat me like an object, it's disgusting. Two guys walked past my just staring at my chest and then another pair, whilst I was standing against a wall trying to put my stuff away, we're talking about basically grabbing me and fucking me from behind... whilst I was in ear shot. Me showing some skin *shock horror!* doesn't mean that I suddenly don't get the be treated with respect thank you very much ass holes. Anyway, rant over.
The title is purely because I'm listening to this song as I write this post now and just chilling. I procrastinated all day and I know I'm going to regret that next week and I have four exams... but what's done is done. Oops. Anyway, I got very excited today when I received one of my packages from banggood which was an awesome transparent purple bag.  I have a review of that at the bottom of this post, for now, on with the ootd!

Shirt - Topshop// Harness Belt - Missguided// Skirt - H&M (old)// Shoes - Debenhams// Bag c/o BangGood//
 Now onto this super cool bag. I've been meaning to get one like this for a while and I've seen a lot on Ebay that I'm not sure I trust... so when I saw this one I just had to get it! It's only £6.17 and seems a lot sturdier than I excpected, I've had plastic bags before that you could just tell were gonna break as soon as you out anything in them but this one seems like it's pretty well made. Not saying you could put your lifes possesions in it... it's not super super strong but it's not going to break easily 
It has two zips going into a small front pocket and one bit one at the back, with adjustable straps on the top and back. What I found cool was the fact the straps are lined with like foam so it's reinforced. You can also get this bag in black, pink, green and orange. 
I think I'm going to buy a cheap drawstring bag to go inside because I've seen people do that before and it looks super cool, plus it means people can't see all your stuff which can get a bit messy sometimes...
I have a whole load of discounts for banggood here
Hope you enjoyed this post! I only have like a month left of exams so after that I will make sure I am super super busy posting stuff for you guys, but until then I'll post when I can. Thanks for reading.