I've been listening to a lot of music that's less about lyrics, well a lot of it has lyrics but they're not what I mainly love about the song and they're not really great for blog titles. Anamanaguchi, Grimes and recently I've gotten into London Grammar a bit too. Mainly because I've been watching a lot of kexp sets, I like them because you get a couple of songs from the artist and then also a bit of an interview and it balances perfect. I've listened to a few songs from Radio One's live lounge from London Grammar but they're all covers (though their cover or Wrecking Ball is amazing). Anyway I'm blabbing now so I should probably talk about something else.
I took these photos yesterday and I was a lot less wary than usual while taking these photos and two sets of people walked up behind me when I was off guard. I was spinning in one of them and then when an elderly couple came up I was bent over taking photos of my shoes... I looked reaaally odd. Oh well, at least it wasn't someone I knew, the old man gave me some photography suggestions anyway.

Shirt - Missguided// Waistcoat - H&M// Skirt - New Look// Socks and Shoes - Topshop// Bag - Cheap Monday @ Urban Outfitters//
I bought the Jacket in H&M last week and it's just what i've been looking for for a while. I've been making patches for a denim jacket before but I really want to do a black and white back piece for this, maybe take off and rearrange that patches I already have on them. I'm not sure yet, I have too many ideas. However, if any of you guys find any cool back pieces (there are some really great patch shops on etsy) then let me know. I might make my own... there's just too many options!

I tried something different with posing for some of these photos, I really felt like spinning, so I did but getting a spinning picture is harder than it seems... I'm also really loving my nails at the moment. I did a white coat as sort of a base and then added some Barry M sparkly paint over the top. It worked well.
I seemed to have talked (well typed) a lot in this post, which I've been meaning to do more of, I feel like I want to talk to you guys more. Thanks for reading.