This post has nothing to do with snow, I just love Anamanaguchi and that song but it has no lyrics so I just had to use that title. I''m not completely happy with these photos but I'm a bit indecisive at the moment and being perfectionist. At the end of the day every photo I post doesn't have to be absolutely perfect. I was just going to end up sat editing for an extra hour or so to probably not get any further.

Dress - YesStyle// Shirt, Harness and Socks - Topshop// Creepers - Schuh//
I'm liking the pictures the more I look at them, and I love the outfit so the pictures don't matter that much. These pictures were from when i went to see Divergence yesterday (a pretty good film) and I have some other pictures from before that have a bit more editing involved which shoould be up soon.
Sorry I'm not that talkative, my mind seems to be in a different place at the moment. I guess it will be back in reality soon.
Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading.