So I hadn't heard that much about impulse cosmetics before I ordered from them, I just saw them on my etsy  and looved their products. But since I ordered I've seen loads of other positive stuff about them and now I've got some items, I can see why. They've been closed recenty for a sort out which is why there's been a bit of a wait for this review. I wanted to make sure I had the links when I put the review up. I love the colours they do, they're not colours you tend to find every day and though you can find colours like them, these are definitely the cheapest I've seen.  Plus they're only £4.26 each and Shipping to the uk is £5.26 with 40p for each additional item. It's not too bad.
I'm just hoping they may release some matte lipglosses, because I do love their matte lipsticks but lipgloss is just easier! If not I'll probably get some from Pretty Zombie Cosmetics.

I'll start with the Matte shades first, which I got in Apocaliptic and Melancholy. They have similar packaging but are slightly different lipsticks. They have the same packaging but they each have the name of the lipsick written down the side (which is very handy because then I can find them easily). They look like the same colour stick wise but they're very different. The shape is a bit hard to apply with so I recommend getting a lip brush if you're going to but these shades. A proper lipstick shape would be great but that's probably quite hard to make.
This first colour is Melancholy, it's a really great colour but it's not the best feel on. It's quite difficult to apply because it's a matte shade and that makes it kind of dry. But apart from that it's a really nice lipstick. It's an ideal colour and it looks really great on. Similar to my Topshop lipstick in purple in colour but it's matte and really nice. The best part about this lipstick is that when you eat or drink it doesn't rub off on everything majorly. It comes of a little bit but it's nothing compared to most of my lipsticks.
I'll give this lipstick a 4/5.
This is Apocalyptic. Ahh this colour is amazing! And the texture is perfect too and it's matte and black! I've been meaning to get a black lipstick for a while and I'm soo glad that I waited and got this one because it's ideal. It goes on smooth, feels great on, lasts a while, doesn't come off much and well I really love it. Definitely the best of the lot and I recommend if you only want to get one of the shades of matte then get this one!
This lipstick I'll definitely give a 5/5

I also got one of their metallic shades, It's got a sligly different packaging aesthetically 
And this is Boggart. This is just suuch a great colour, I feel like a lizard when I wear it. I don't think it suits me very well but it's just soo pretty. The lipstick itself isnt the best, it's nice and it feels good on but it's quite hard to get even and a  little patchy. The consistency isn't the best and it doesn't stay on too long. But it's such a great colour and like it's not awful quality, it's jsut nt quite perfect. I'll give this one a 3.5/5.

Overall next time a want a new shade I'm definitely going to try Impulse Cosmetics. I mean I really want to ty their eye shadow and see if I like them too. I feel like I need to add another image to the end of this one to complete this but I don't have one. Overall I'd definitely recommend, they're a pretty good price and the best value alternative colour lipsticks I've seen.
Hope this review was helpful! Planning to have an outfit post next, but who knows. Everything is a bit hectic with exams so I might not have many updates until I've got the worst of them out of the way in about a months time.
Thanks for reading!