Ok so I couldn't think of a better title, but it kind of works. I've been excited to show you guys these pictures since I took them on Saturday. I was just playing around and they turned out surprisingly well.
Just a warning, that some of these pictures are a little creepy. The images make me look a little dead/trapped under ice so don't look further if you don't think you can handle.
My mum hates the photos because they're creepy and I look dead, my Dad loves them and said he should just give me all of his camera stuff, aha. Guess you can't please everyone right?
Photos taken with my scanner.

I'm actually really pleased at how they turned out, yeah they're kind of creepy but also kind of cool. 
I created a portfolio here for my more serious (is that the right word?) photography, it's something I'm interested in so I though why not take it a step forward.

I hope you guys liked these photos and thanks for reading.