I went for a really nice walk yesterday, it was kind of accidental that I walked so far, about 6 miles, but it was just so nice. I walked down to the sea front and then when i got there I just kept on walking along the cliff top path. I forget how many people are there in the summer as I haven't been in years but I have so many happy memories from days out along the sea or at the cliff top park. I just kept on walking until I found a spot to take photos; which ended up being about 5 and a half miles from home. I had to ring my dad and get him to take me back because otherwise I would never have been home in time for tea. 

I've been listening to a lot of different music lately, though they all seem to be female artists. That isn't intentional it just sort of happened. But I quite like Ariana Grande's new song, though I'm not a fan of Iggy Azalea I must admit. But hey, the lyrics meant something to me, cause getting negative and toxic people out of your life is sometime a lot of hard work but it's worth it in the end.

More of a simple outfit today, it's comfy and perfect to revise in so it's what I've worn a lot lately.

Jumper - Sparkle @ and Fade Urban Outfitters// Leggings - Topshop// Shoes - Pretty Little Thing//
Tries something slightly different with the editing, just playing around with different settings. I seemed to have chronic bitchface or an 'oh so deep' face in these photos and the need to stick my stomach out but c'est la vie. You're never going to get anything right and perfect, I want to do more experimental and edity photos next time; if that makes any sense.
Thank you guys for reading.