Hey guys, hope you're having a fab week. It's half term now, thank god. I mean I need to catch up on my sleep... and all my work... Today was such a lovely day though. I stepped outside and it felt like spring, it was wonderful and it was sunny all day. All day. I was going to go down to the beach to take photos but it was high tide when I was going to go so I wouldn't have been able to get to the spot I wanted to take pictures at. Plus I haven't worn the shoes I'm wearing in the outfit in yet and they kill, so I wasn't really up for a twenty minute walk to the beach in these. I'll probably see Lizzie and take some pictures this half term though so I'll see if we can take some pictures down the beach then.

Shirt - D.I.Y// Top - Panic Posters @ Afleck's Palace// Skirt - Pins and Needles @ Urban Outfitters//  Socks and Shoes - Topshop//
I also went shopping today, didn't buy much, just a Topshop lipstick and some CDs. There weren't enough sales on but I have a few things online that I want to buy so I'm gonna do that soon.
Thanks for reading :)