Took these photos yesterday, it was an .... interesting day. First of all I had a bit of a meltdown (completely irrational) because I couldn't fine the remote for my camera, and then I got down to the beach and the tide was coming in and it started raining (I'm never gonna get pictures down the beach at this rate) and then when I got to the spot I wanted to take photos it started raining every time I got my camera out. But the rain was a bit of a blessing as it was only in showers and meant that not many people were walking around so I didn't have to worry about people watching me take photos (though a few did).I also lost one of my new fave rings .n.

But then in the evening Nicole came round and we watched some anime and Wild Child and ate food and chatted and stuff so that was really nice.

Jumper - Topshop// Jeans - Grin @ Affleck's palace// Boots - Primark//
I think the title is very true of my life right now (deep I know) but I think it's for the better... no I know it's for the better. 
The jumper in this outfit is actually a size 16, it's the only one they had in stock and I just loved it soo much. I think it works well as a baggy jumper though, I mean I have a black tight cropped fluffy jumper so it's nice to have one that's similar but different. This is definitely my colour though... I only really wear dark colours.
This is quite an autumnal scene, though it's definitely starting to feel like spring which is so nice, everything feels fresh and lovely.

Thanks for reading! And hey to my new followers, I seem to have gotten quite a lot of you since my last post, thanks to you guys too!