Long title I know, but I like to get everything in. As you have probably gathered this is a lipstick review. I'm really starting to get into lipsticks and since my last (and first) review on a lipstick I've bought like 4 more (2 were from the same collection). It's safe to say I'm pretty hooked, I mean how better to show you fucking rock than to wear some really bright lipstick? Tell the world you're confident when you feel great, the world will appreciate it. If it doesn't then give it the middle finger.

Anyway, that's just be talking about being fab in lipstick, it does that to me so how can that be a bad thing? And I have to say that this is honestly like the perfect stand out bright red smash the patriarchy lipstick. It's great.

First of all, the packaging is pretty pretty. I love how you can clearly see the colour on the bottom even if you have lots of the same set of lipsticks. Some of my lipsticks I find it hard to find in a hurry, but this one you can see what it is straight away.

I haven't edited the lipstick at all in any of these pics, I've edited the picture in general but I haven't done anything to the colour of the lipstick. It's the most perfect vibrant colour.
Not only that, it's really creamy and nice to wear on, plus it lasts for a very long time.

Colour 5/5: This colour is perfect perfect perfect, I mean everyone needs their bright red lipstick right? This is deffo the one if you're looking.
Aplication 4.9/5: It's a really nice texture, it smells nice and it feels great on. The only thing about it is the shape means it's a little annoying to get into the corners of my mouth easily.
Value for Money 5/5: It's £7.99 but for me that's great value, I mean .
Stay Power 5/5: It lasts a long time, and it stays at that wonderful colour. Unless you eat, drink or go kissing people, it'll then come off on then. But there will still be a lot left on your lips. My only down side is it's a little hard to get off again.

Overall 5/5: Ok so I know I knocked off 0.1 points earlier for the shape but looking past that little thing, for me this is the perfect vibrant red lipstick. I love the colour, I love how it feels, I love the price and the packaging. It's really unfortunate I'm not  really a fan of many of the other colours in this range.

Yeah basically I really quite love this lipstick. I'm hooked on lipstick all together to be honest, if I could wear it to school then god my life would be amazing, but I can just amaze people when they see my outside of school.

Hope this review was helpful, I'll probably be doing a lot more lipstick reviews in the future, and hey maybe even other makeup too.