Hope you're all having a lovely week, I managed to go out today to take photos forgetting my tripod mount, so I had to go home again but I managed to then get a lift because my sister is home to look at flowers and wine for her wedding. I wear this outfit the all the time just switching the accessories and makeup, this top is super comfy and my skirt I just love so much.

Hat - Urban outfitters (I think)// Jumper - Urban Outfitters// Skirt - Missguided// Shoes - Primark//

I love the portrait pictures of this outfit, and I tried some rhinestones with my makeup which I've been meaning to do for a while and I really like it, gonna try something more daring next time.
The title is definitely the truth (from Glorybox - Portishead)  things have improved a lot for me since deciding to think more positively, people do underrate positive thinking, I mean it doesn't work all the time but it doesn't hurt to try to be more positive ;P
Don't really have anything else to say much now right now, I tihnk I'm getting better at taking these pictures myself, and I'm really sick of the rain right now. but these storms can't last forever and I'm very grateful I#m not in a flooded area.

Thanks for visiting my blog, until next time.