Sorry for the inactivity recently I actually shot these photos last Saturday but I've been ill and tired and school is priority so I haven;t got round to posting much. But it's half term now (finally) and I should be going out to take outfit shots (and more importantly to hang out with) Lizzie so I should have a few posts this week (fingers crossed). But right now I'm in a bit of a rush because I'm leaving for Manchester soon to see my sister and go shopping and want to get this blog post done before then...

Title from The Doors - L.A Woman as I'm wearing a Doors picture here (not that you can tell).

Hoodie - Borrowed from Tom// Top - H&M// Skirt - BDG (buught at Charity Shop)// Suspender Leggings- Ebay// Creepers - Bronx @ Shuch// Beanie - eBay//

So now I'm off to Manchester woop woop. Should buy lots of clothes O I can have lots of stuff to wear for outfits for the blog. Is there anything else you want to see? Reviews etc? Let me know, I'll reply to any questions etc. on Monday when I'm back.

Thanks for reading c: