These pictures, and this outfit really, make me feel a lot like Marina and The Diamonds. I didn't intend that at all but I like how it's work. I guess it's because of the setting and the outfit, especially the top bit. I'm quite pleased with how these turned out really.

Top - Asos// Skirt - Charity Shop//Bag - Ebay// Socks - Topshop// Shoes -
So this was just before gong to a party, it was... interesting. There were quite a lot of gatecrashers and they were aright until the host of the party tried to kick everyone out and stuff got nasty. But it was fun none the less and I has a pretty good time. I didn't see much of the nasty stuff and her house didn't seem too badly trashed so yeah.
I really loved this outfit, it was super comfy and I felt awesome in it. I love my new bag, and only £4, I know. Hopefully I can wear it a bit more until it pops...

Anyway, thanks for reading and stuff, until next time C: