So this is going to be sort of more of a photo diary post (it's not going well so far I'll try harder in future) and I think I'll do more of these (I'm planning to do one for my week in Marrakesh) because it's fun and I think it would be nice to document important parts of my life.

So yesterday me and Tom went to Yo!Sushi for lunch to celebrate our two year anniversary (it isn't actually until Friday but he's at bloodstock so we did stuff early). Hence why this is called time is a funny thing. Two years, it's seriously weird, I mean it feels that long but at the same time it doesn't it's confusing. We're doing presents and stuff on my Birthday though because he gets back from Hong Kong the day before and he wants to see what he can get from there, which I'm super excited about. Anyway this should be about the day yesterday not about presents (though presents are exciting).

 First we have train selfies! I mean usually Tom refuses to partake in selfies but as this was a special so he agreed reluctantly. Yes we are incapable of doing cute couple photos and most (bar like two) of the photos we have together and really derpy.

I only have a couple of pictures of food for a couple of reasons.Firstly I was too shy to take my camera out and ended up taking photos on Tom's iphone which didn't really turn out very well. Secondly we got carried away eating and forgot to take photos. Next time I will take more photos and stop being shy etc. but for now this is all we have
Firtstly there is Crispy Duck Futomaki. This wasn't that nice actually, the duck was just crispy (and didn't taste like duck) and all I could taste was seaweed, but I'm not really a huge fan of sushi so that makes sense.

Vegetable Yaki Soba, this was good but a little sickening and Wagamama's Yaki Soba is definitely better.

And the final picture is Dora Yaki, the reason I went to YO! Sushi in the first place. I ate two plates of these and they made me really ill (milk intolerance sucks) but it was worth it... mmmm.

We had a lot more food than this but I wasn't able to photograph it. the Shrimp Tempura and Chicken Katsu were both amazing and Duck Gyoza is to die for. I also discovered that I don't like Mochi, to me it doesn't taste of much at all and it feels like I have a slug in my mouth, I was pretty dissapointed actually.

So we did a little bit of shopping because I needed another skirt for Marrakesh and we had some time to kill, it was raining though so we couldn't take proper outfit shots and the changing room in New Look was the best I could get.
Circlet thing - Gift // The Cure T shirt- Amazon (gift) // Skirt - Charity Shop (originaly from H&M)// Socks - Topshop// Shoes - Schuh// Bag- Primark//

 I really wanted to wear this circlet thing because Tom got it for me last year and I haven't found a chance to wear it. I will be buying more green stuff though and hopefully wearing it to my sisters wedding (so maybe you'll see it more in the future).
I'm not sure what my hair is doing but I really like this picture. 

Anyway, sorry this wasn't that brilliant a picture diary post, I'll look some up and improve on them in the future. But I enjoyed writing this so I will definitely do more.
I'll probably only have like one more post before I go and come back from Marrakesh so sorry for deserting you guys but I'll make sure to do more when I get back.
Until next time :x