So last week you may have noticed I wasn't updating at all and that's because I was in Marrakech. I think I mentioned a couple of times I was planning to do a photo diary and I think I'm going to do it for the next 7 days (if I remember) so it's all together. But there's way to much to talk about to do in one post so I'm doing a day at a time (though I may group together day 5&6).

I have to say it was definitely an experience, and I'll be talking a lot in these posts. Mainly because it's a bit of a different culture over there and there are lots of things to talk about. Anyway, on with the post....

Ok so a bit of a random start, I didn't really have any other photos from the airport because my memory card was messing up and I had to buy a new one. Basically don't buy this, the gyoza are alright but there's like loads of really shitty vegetables in it. It's pretty cheap (cheaper than anywhere else at gatwick) but not very tasty.

 Zoom zoom. We left a bit late because the plane was delayed coming in from wherever it was before. But they pack like eveything at once and it's very efficient. I'm not sure where it is in the second picture, but the third is over spain somewhere. It's really hard to differentiate what things are when you're this high up. I spend most of my plane journey looking out of the window.

It's a box of crisps. I was amazed, they weren't that great but they're good if you like 'proper' crisps. The box was really fancy too it had like bits so you could fold it open more. Seriously though, a box of crisps?

There are quite a few pictures so I'm putting a read-more here, click for the rest of the post.

I haven't got any pictures of when we stepped off the place but it was the weirdest experience of my life. At the hottest part of the day it was about 45°C. And on the flight there they captain had said there was a slight easterly breeze so I though it would be nice make things cooler; oh how I was wrong. The wind was hot. Hot wind. It was like being blown with a hairdryer. So very very strange. And as it was a Saturday (the holy day in Islam) there were barely any people on duty at the air port so we had to wait ages to get the little visa stamp thing on our passport.

Eugh the taxi drivers at the airport were horrible too, they ripped us off and weren't very nice. Really pushy. And again, the wind was hot. When the car was moving and the breeze was comming in the window it wasn't nice, it was cooler when the car stopped. But I digress.

I neglected to take a picture of the front of the Rhiad properly, but these kittens were always outside and they were adorable so I'll stick that picture there. And an address, don't know why that's helpful

Riad Diana, 
85 Derb Jdid, 
Riad Zitoune Lakdim, 
Marrakech - Medina 40008
The rhiad was so nice, when we were walking to it (the taxi couldn't get up all the narrow streets) we got a bit lost, pointed in the wrong direction and generally confused. Some really nice guy showed us where it was and I was a little nervous because it was down a load of back alleys and it didn't look to nice. But they do say don't judge a book by it's cover. It was amazing inside, all the rooms (and there were only about 6) were around a central court yard which felt like you were inside but it was open air. There was a really nice plunge pool which we spend most of the time with our feet in and it was just generally very very nice.

Though if you're thinking of staying there it helps to know a little french.

Traditional Moroccan style room with an awesome bathroom (uber cool shower). We were only in this room for one night because it was a two person room and my bed was a sofa converted into a bed. And the air conditioner was broken so that night was not nice.

On the terrace there were sun loungers and an eating area which was under cover. Though we weren't up there much because it was just too hot. We sat and had our lunch on there most days though. and you can get a grasp here of how messy and randomly placed the buildings are. They all have roof terraces and open court yard bits too.

I didn't get a proper picture of the plunge pool but it looked really pretty all lit up at night and I don't think I would've survived without it. 

Dar Esalaam Restaurant
 Riad Zitoune El Kedim
In the evening (after a nap and getting to grips with just how hot it was) we went to a restaurant just around the corner from our Rhiad. It was underground, so nice and cool, and absolutely beautiful. Hand carved tiled ceilings and walls and really tiny chairs. I didn't get many pictures though because it was dark and I felt like utter poop. I was just really tired and felt super sick. I didn't eat anything but apparently didn't miss much, but it was an experience, and hey I didn't throw up! 
They had a live band who were all amazing, just sort of playing off each other and using queues to speed up or slow down. And they had beautiful voices.

Wasn't that impressed with the first belly dancer though. She just made funny movements with candles on her head. She could do the splits though which I was impressed with. She was asking me to dance with her for a picture but I was just no.

And this was the second belly dancer (sorry for the poor quality picture). She was pretty hot, but a bit freaky, she kept looking directly at me and I was like D: She did have a cool outfit though, must say I could do with one of those.
She had a few good moves but for a while she was just shaking her butt and boobs in guys faces to get money and I'm pretty sure a few of them gave her money to go away...
Seeing belly dancers was an experience though and I find it very strange in a country where modesty is a very upheld tradition that belly dancing is too. 

Hoped you enjoyed your first installment of Marrakech, I have a good few more to come. Until the next post c: