In this post there aren't many pictures and I apologise they're not that great as we took them in Tom's garden in a rush. I experimented with the editing and tried to save them that way but you can still see the outfit and that's what matters ;D

I also have a bitchface, tried something different as I kept smiling and it didn't look right so I tried to look bad... didn't work ;L

Cropped Hooded Jumper - Earth Ragz @ Urban Outfitters // Shorts - Bitching & Junkfood @ Urban Oufitters // Socks - Topshop // Creepers - Bronx @ Schuh (old) //

I'm in love with this hoodie it's super comfy and it's cropped so I can wear it with outfits like these and say with a pair of jeans. For only £5 I think I did pretty well...

Ok so the first two went alright and the last just wasn't behaving, my editing skills are definitely improving though.
Oh and here is the song in the title, I've been listening to Pretty Girls Make Graves a lot the past couple of days as I bought another one of their albums a couple of days ago:

Don't really have much else to say on this, hope you enjoyed. I'm going away to Marrakesh for a week on Saturday so I may not have many updates before/during that time. I'm planning to do a photo diary which I will post daily when I get back though so watch out for that.
Until then c: