Posts 3 days in a row? I know. I wasn't planning on that art post yesterday though I just sort of posted it. And I've been at home doing nothing for like a week so I thought I'd put my time to some good use before I have to go to school.

But yeah, I saw the advert for this website on TV and I was like 'Hmm. I'll check that out' and I was glad I did; I guess it's very similar to Missguided. It's pretty cheap clothes and I bought everything I got in the sale, so even cheaper! (Can you tell I'm a cheapskate yet?).

I ordered four items and I think the total was £40. With orders over £35 at the moment you get free next day delivery, which is great. So i ordered them on Monday -which was a bank holiday and after 7pm- so they got here Wednesday. No problems with anything.

They all came individually wrapped with nothing damadged or broken. The shoes boxes were a little bashed up but that's no problem.
Overall shipping is deffo 5/5. No problems, quick and free.

Oh and I ordered this, this, and this. I did order a choker too but I think it's sold out.

I'll put the rest of this under a read more because it's quite a long review and not everyone will be interested, so click below for the full review ->

Fist were these amazing silver creepers.  Only £8, I mean seriously best value buy ever. They were original £25 which isn't bad but with that you get what you pay for.
They are good value for money at the sale price but they're rather, plasticky like the soles of the shoes are solid platsicky and the shoes are not made of the best material.
I ordered size 4 and they fit pretty well (I'm a size 4 who wears a size 5) I'm not used to wearing shoes that are tight so they'll take some getting used to but they're true to size.

So overall, good value for money but don't expect the best quality.

Next are these beautiful heels only £15 (originaly £35). And they are so nice, really pretty and really comfy. I have another pair of similar shoes which are a lot more expensive and these are ten times more comfy.

But again not the best quality in the world. You wouldn't be able to wear them all the time but they're good once in a while party shoes. These I ordered in a siie 5 because shoes like these tend to squash my toes otherwise and they fir really well (though if you like snug shoes order your normal size).

But come on, look how pretty they are (they also have them in black, green and white).

Next is this choker, which I don't have a link for because they sold out. But I'm not surprised seeing as it was only £2. This is ,again, plasticky but other than that it's pretty good quality. With three sizes and poppers.
Though with me having a tiny neck even the smallest one is a little too big, but I can live with that.

Last but not lease are these Jeans. Also very pretty, I payed £15 for these (originally £25) and again very good value for money.
Good quality too, think jeans probably better for early autumn/spring weather but they're always handy.
I ordered size 8 but they don't fit .n. The moral of the story, order your normal size and don't trust the size guide on the website. I have an 85cm waist and it said there were 87 (the size 10 were like 89 so I thought they'd be too big). I thought maybe they did big sizes but no they're true to size and I'm really sad because these are really nice jeans and I can't wear them.

Unfortunately they don't do exchanges so I can't exchange them for a bigger size :( so I think I'll give them to a friend.

So I'll do my overall ratings here, I saw no point doing them on the individual items as they're sale items and will probably be sold out soon.

Shipping: 5/5
Already mentioned this, it's fast, free over £35 and I had no issue whatsoever.

Item Quality: 3/5
Like these aren't the best quality items in the world, but they're not too bad and you do get what you pay for. The shoes aren't great but the Jeans and choker seemed pretty good.

Value for money: 4/5
The sale items are AMAZING value for money but I only gave it a 4/5 because the full price is only pretty good. They discount a lot in the sales so it's worth looking there. But if you really love an item it's still pretty good value for money full price.Do bear in mind I am a cheapskate though.

Overall: 3.5/5
I do really like this shop, though not all their items are 'me' I think I'll always find some things I love. Being slightly bias here but it's also great for m because it's based in the UK. I knocked a point and a half off because I would probably only buy sale items and they don't do exchanges. And if you want amazing quality that's going to last forever then I wouldn't buy here, this is more good quality especially for what you pay kind of thing. 

I'd deffo check out though

Hope this review was helpful, until next time c: