I think we all know that fashion has a sizing issue. Both in terms of the clothes fast fashion brands make and the models they use in their campaigns. But while fast fashion has plenty of plus size only brands, ethical fashion is yet to catch up in this front.

18 Awesome Plus Sized Ethical Fashion Brands on background of woman wearing girlfriend gym wear

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As I talked about in my post all about Green guilt, a lot of ethical fashion is made for the very slim and not that many others. But it is improving there are ethical brands starting with bigger size ranges, expanding their sizes and there are even a few plus size exclusive ethical brands popping up. It's getting better,. Plus brands are getting more inclusive in their marketing and branding too, it's getting there.

So in this post I'm highlighting brands that either have a good size range or that are plus size specific, because ethical fashion really needs to be inclusive if we want more people to start ditching fast fashion labels.

There are now more than 18, as I have found some more to add, but putting 18+ in the title didn't quite fit...

Girlfriend Collective
Girlfriend collective were the first ethical brand I ever bought from, their leggings and bras are made from recycled water bottles and are so comfy. And over the last few years since their launch they have expanded a lot, to sell sportswear in the most amazing colours. They sell their products in sizes XXS - 6XL and show them on women with a range of body types and shapes.

Plus Equals
This brand is incredible, with fabulous clothing designed for femmes from size 14-42 and custom orders available for sizes above 42; plus custom tailoring available at no extra cost! These are some amazing pieces and what I want the future of ethical fashion to look like, colourful and fun. I had a really hard time picking what products to use in this post because they're all just incredibly and right up my street.

Third Love
Bras, and undies,  made for women by women, manufactured in female run factories in Asia which are audited yearly, it's a breath of fresh air for transparency. With bras in back size up to 48 and Cup sizes up to I there's a pretty decent range. Plus undies up to 3X.  Their bras are also shown on two different size women so you can see how they size up!

Dazey LA
A small LA based business with a big range of clothing. These guys hand draw and make their clothes in LA with a new range clothes made from XS-4XL. With clothes made to order they work hard to make their clothing as eco friendly as possible. And I personally think they have a beautiful colour palette for their clothing. Sadly not all of their clothing is available in this full size range, but they seem to be changing for the better in this department with their proudly plus range.
Tuesday Bassen
This vintage inspired brand is right up my alley, ethically made in the US using Californian materials where possible they make clothing in sized XXS-5XL. They have a pretty big range of super cute clothing.

Daisy Natives 
Daisy Natives are an American brand that make feminist tees and stickers, ethically made feminist tees get a yes from me! With clothes sizes XS-3XL made by Bella + Canvas, who make eco friendly ethically made t-shirts with WRAP certification. They have a small but super cute range.

Big Bud Press
My gosh I love Big Bud Press' range, they have trousers, jumpsuits, and baseball tees and in a rainbow of colours! I want at least half of their range honestly, especially those boiler suits. Made locally in LA, like many of the brands on this list, they make their clothes in XXS-5XL and show each of their clothes on three different body types.

Day Won
A US sports wear brand, Day Won uses waterless dyeing, locally sources fabrics and makes all garments on demand to make their production as sustainable as possible. With a range of colourful sports wear "designed for everyone" their size range is XS-5X.

Kirrin Finch
Kirrin does menswear-inspired androgynous apparel from blazers to shirts and trousers. They don't have the biggest size range, up to an XXL, a US size 24,  but I thought they were worth mentioning as I haven't found any other ethical brands doing this sort of clothing! They are planning to expand their range as their business grows so hopefully they'll have more sizes in the near future. They use sustainable materials and manufacture in the US, Italy, and Japan,  so you can look dapper without exploitation.

Alice Alexander
This Philly based brand have a collection of made to order, made in the US clothing in sizes XS-4XL with three difference length options. With a season-less collection designed to be worn year round and year after year they're definitely embracing slow fashion.

Mara Hoffman
Using recycled and refurbished materials where possible, and with a wear more, wash less design they are a sustainable and ethical company. Their extended sizes range goes from XXS-2X but are definitely investment pieces with most pieces costing £250+

Exo Umbra
For the goths among you, Exo Umbra is a Handmade Plus Size brand that makes a range of dresses, tops, and accessories. They make clothing from size XL-5XL but as items are all handmade by one person I am sure that they would be able make custom sizes.

Super Fit Hero
Fitness wear that claims to not roll up or down! Made in a size XS-5XL Super Fit Hero is a body positive fitness brand made ethically in LA and they have some awesome patterned leggings(with pockets!). Their motto is Fitness is for Everybody and I couldn't agree more.

Smart Glamour
Smart glamour definitely have the biggest size range on this list with clothing from XXS-15X and beyond. They are a body positive brand with some very cute clothing. All items are handmade to order in Queens, NY and because of this you can customise your sizing pretty much how you like! Now that is a truly inclusive brand

A UK brand with clothing manufactured in a small factory on the outskirts of London, with Knitwear made in Turkey. If you're into a bit of 50s style fashion you will love this brand, they have such amazing fabrics and a size range of UK 6-20. With accessories made out of fabric scraps from their dressmaking so are have a zero waste manufacturing process too. Oh, and they're plastic free.

Wrap + Weft
Sustainably made denim in sizes 0-24 they have a seriously good range of denim. Demin manufacturing designed to save water, from 1500 gallons down to just 10 for each pair of jeans. Impressive. With no chemical bleaching too they're conscious of their impact on the world. They also have a page on their site where you can have a look inside their factory, which is super cool as you can see exactly how their denim is made.

Universal Standard
With clothes from 4XS-4XL the thing that stands out for be about this brand is that they have pictures of their products on models in every single size. Yep every one.  So you can see how something might fit someone of your size, any of their sizes. Their inclusive campaigns are refreshing to see, and their clothing comes with a 1 year fit swap guarantee so that if your sizing changed you can have replacement clothes for free, bold. I'm not sure exactly how sustainable this last practice is

Beefcake Swimwear
Beefcake swimwear are a Portland based brand making 20s inspired androgynous swimwear sizes XS-5XL. They use Vita PL, a sustainable techno fabric made of polyester and are completely transparent with the costs of manufacturing their swimsuits which are made in women-led facilities in Portland. These swimsuits are super cute, and super unique too!

So that's it for these now more than 18 brands. Sadly, I couldn't find too many British based brands for this post, most of them seemed to be based in LA! Great for my US readers but as I know a lot of you are based in the UK so I hope to find more in the future. If you know of any good ethical plus size brands then do let me know in the comments!

Hopefully this list is helpful to some of you lovely people out there, even the ethical fashion world has a long way to go when it comes to inclusivity and representation, but we will persevere.