Ok Lame title I know, but it's because I think I'm finally starting to merge into my own style. Though it's not incredibly individual, it feels like me. And today marks the start of that I suppose. I really just chucked this outfit on went 'oh will that go? Ah that looks good' and I always think those are the best outfits. The always seem to turn out better than the ones you spend a day trying to find the right accessory for or you plan before hand. Frustrating but true.

Anyway I actually really like what I wore today and the photos don't do it justice. We didn't take many because I was really tired and we wanted to go back to Tom's (where I played Guild Wars 2 while he played GTA IV and then we watched Aladin). 
And now like blogposts almost 4 days in a row?! crazy stuff but this one wasn't planned either. I'll take a break tomorrow I promise.

Collar - New Look // Jumper - Zara // Skirt - Charity Shop (originally H&M) // Socks - Topshop// Shoes - Prettylittlething.com// Bag - Primark //

I guess this outfit also made me realise how good I am at finding bargains too (or being a cheapskate...) because all in all it cost me £33.50. Like seriously not even joking.

Collar - £2.50 Sale // Jumper - £6 Sale// Skirt - £6 Charity Shop// Socks - £2// Shoes - £8 Sale// Bag - £9

I also had a lot of fun shooting/editing this, I've wanted to do one of those oh so popular mirror photos for a while, and of course the standing on the points of the creepers (though that hurt a lot).

So what do you guys think of my new found style? Is it even mine? Who knows. But feel free to leave your comments below, I appreciate them a lot c: