So a lot of my fashion inspiration (though I'm still working on my own fashion) comes from street styles, especially inspired from those of Harajuku, Japan. So I thought I'd use this opportunity to make a post about my favourite outfits and some of my style insiprations. so I'll show you some of my favioutire items and talk about the people who's style I love. This is quite a long post but I thought I'd put some work into it. Hope you find some inspitation too ;D

I've also got a few different styles I love so I've kind of tried to fade the outfits from Light and angelic to darker and to find some similar items so you can find the look too ;P
If people have blogs and such I have linked to them and tried to find items similar to what they are wearing.

This is my first outfit inspiration, I just love the whole look. The girl in the photo's name is Moko and I've seen her a few times on Tokyo Fashion and always loved her style. I especially lover her hair and in this picture just the way everything is put togerher is perfect (oh and I'm in love with Tokyo Boppers so yeah...)
She has: Instagram/Twitter/Blog
All the items listed (apart fromshoes) are similar items and I couldn't seem to find the dress so I found one that went with the look.
Choker/Skeleton Necklace/Thigh High Socks/Ankle Socks/Shoes/Dress/Cardigain

I love Manapyon's outfits, one of my all time favoutire outfits I think is by her (but I couldn't find it)
I think sometimes Cult Party Kei is a bit too messy for what I like but the layering and colours in this are just right and her makeup and hair and perfect too *^*.
I'm not going to find the items she's wearing because a lot are the sort of thing you can find in charity shops and there are so many items. Still this outfit is perf.

This is Fashionsquid (or Cornelia) I haven't followed her on tumblr for long but I just love her outfits. I especially love her hair and makeup it's all so cute. I love how the colours go in this outfit and I actually just love all her outfits (like her hair is my main inspirationfor hair) and she posts loads of cool inspirations on her tumblr so is worth a follow ;P
Again I don't know exactly where she got these clothes so all clothes examples are just similar. Her skirt was actually a dress but I could only find a dress.

I've loved Pastelbat (Emilia)'s style for a long time but this is by far my favourite outfit of hers it's just so angelic.
I think one of the reasons Pastelbat is one of my fashion icon is obviously because I love her outfits but also she pulls off so many styles. With lolita and creepy cute and Cult Party Kei, even styles I don't particularly like seem to look good on her.
Her makeup though not very ''me'' is also very cute  and she always has an amazing wig on.
Again, all outfit items are similar, I don't know where exactly she got them and unfortunately some are hard to find ._.

I've followed Irodohieru for a long time now and it's safe to say her style is quite alternative, but that's definitively not a bad thing. 
It's also evolved over time and though her older outfits are more 'my thing' I happen to love pretty much everything she wears. I found it hard to chose one picture and actually chose this picture because I love the twin buns hair style so much.
Irodohieru has: Tumblr/Blogger/Twitter/YouTube
I just love how simple some of the outfits she wears are but they still look so good.
Again all of the items are just similar, the jeans aren't really but they were the best I could do adn I dont think Hellcatspunk sell the top anymore .n.

I haven't been following Mashyumaro for very long but I love love love her style. Oh and her hair expecially because it's always a pretty colour (especially in this picture) and I love all of her outfits. Not much else to say really.
She has: Tumblr/Instagram
I do love this outfit, so simple black and white with the hair but it's so lovely too
Agaaain everything is similar

I found LoversRock after seeing this picture, thinking it was irodohieru then seeing the watermark that it wasn't. I was pretty happy I'd found someone similar. Although not all her outfits are like this and she sometimes dresses more in Lolita (which to me is great) I still love it all. So I haven't followed her for long but I do love love love her style.
I love this outfit, there's so much going on but it doesn't look over the top, it all fits together perfectly :)
As I have said all items are just similar (I think most of the items she's wearing here are from taobao anyhow)

So I guess that is it, I had more outfits to show but i guess this just changed into more of a people that inspire me post. I may do the same with lolita soon. Hope you enjoyed. Have a good day.