So E-tail Pr's blog is holding a giveaway to win £200 at Asos and £200 at Shopcade so for that giveaway I'm making this blog post telling you a bit about Shopcade. I joined it today so I'm a bit of a novice myself but it looks pretty cool anyhow.
You can see the information about the giveaway here.

From what I've gathered it's a mix between Wanelo and Wish, it's very well organised showing you deals and offers on items that have been put up. Very good for someone who wants to look for a bargain and like Wish you can get rewards and points for doing things on the site. When you sign up you get 50 points  which you can use to update your profile with skins, quite cool and just like Wanelo you can create your own lists and people can follow you. Your own little shopping network!
See more and sign up yourself here:

You get points for liking things too.
So I think I'll give a little how to just show you know a little more about shopcade with this dress:

If you click want you can add it to your want lists, you can create multiple lists here (I won't add this bit as it's pretty straight forward). I've created some such as 'Cult Party Kei' and 'Dresses' so I can organise this stuff.
The 'tag a friend' button is where you can tag friends you've added on shopcade so that you can show a friend something they might really like.
The shop now button allows you to well... shop now and you can go to the site the original item. I think in this sense it's quite a lot more organised than Wanelo which seems a little disorganised sometimes.

So yeah check out shopcade, hope this post was... helpful :)
Oh and I now have a profile so add me if you sign up