So I spend A LOT of my time on Storenvy and Etsy. I mean a lot, I just love window shopping and planning what I'm next going to buy.
 There's almost too much cute stuff to get your head round. So I thought I'd make a blog post of some recent finds (from both Storenvy and a few etsy) and share them with you, because I'm just that nice c;. I've split them into categories too so that you can find just what you want. Enjoy! 

Pastel Cuties

They have a matching necklace too :O

This has multiple colours to choose from

3. Shooting star necklace. Unfortunately this became unavailable as I was making this post and I can't find anything similar .n. I don't even know what show it's from

This shop does lots of cute bows

Catscratch does some really cute designs. 

Creepy Cute

You get both necklaces here so I think it's a pretty good deal.

This is definitely a statement necklace, super cool.

3. Pastel Bat Necklace in Pink by Ichigo $12.50
The 2nd item of theirs on here because their stuff is super super cute.

Not really that creepy cute but I love the design on this purse a lot so had to add it.

If you like creepy cute this is the shop to go to, as the name indicates.

Sorry, I put the numbers in a funny order in this one :s

This post turned out to be a bit of a short one, whoopsies. I hope you enjoyed it anyway and feel free to comment with a blog post you'd like to see next.
Thanks for reading and have a good day c: