So about a week ago now I got Animal Crossing New Leaf and though at the start I had no idea how to use the camera I have since worked it out. So I thought I'd share a few screenshots of some moments I've captured in the game. 
Oh and if you haven't got it and are thinking about buying it DO IT. It will take your whole life away though...

So yeah enjoy, oh and don't steal my pictures, I'll be posting some on tumblr in time (but not all at once as that would clash with my blog). You steal... you die. Jks I just would not be very happy .n.
 So I guess I'll start off with Buck (as this was actually one of the first pictures I took) he's a horse and he's cute and he calls me Ladybro.

 Ok so I've payed off 3 of my loans (I have an upstairs now) and I'm working for the fourth now, yays.

 Whilst at the same time working on projects, I've completed this yellow bench and am now working on the fountain, lots of fun. But no one helped me with the stinky bench and they haven't even sat on it yet ¬_¬

 Oh and Tom made a character (He wouldn't get off the damn game even though he 'hates' animal crossing. And he looks like a psycho, I don't know what happened here.

Oh and I went over to the Island. Kapp'n used to really freak me out but I think he's quite cute. And his little songs just make laugh and he's really sweet.

 I love Leila more than Kapp'n  she's just adorable and so is her Mum (I can't remember her name) and just yeah.

 I like the Island... not so keen on tours but this was a half arsed effort and it's safe to say I made quite a few bells.

 Oh and Saharah visited and gave me some interior decorating (it's not great but I have barely any furnityre) she(?) was saying that my confidence smells like soup. That just made me laugh so much.

And Labelle was telling me that a Ninja Hood would be good to make me look like a Ninja... I thought it would make me look like a cow but what do I know?

I love Puck (he's adroable and round and just perfect) but something just makes me think he's not that smart.  Which actually makes me think he's even cuter, look at his little confused face.

Kapp'n also gave me some good advice today, although I don't think my rashes are blue...
Half advice then...

Oh and I'm very in love with Leif, he's so so so cute. I honestly just want to take him home and the way he ways 'Wahoo!' he's just so cute. I also love sloths and gardening sloths is just even better. I love Leif...

So yeah, I thought I'd taken more photos than this (well I have they're just uninteristing). But anyway I hope you enjoy and I shall update you with more AC posts sometime in the future. Have a good day lovely people.