I've recently been playing with the idea of both becoming Lolita, and making my own clothes. So I thought I would take the opportunity to make a sort of master post of Tutorials to make Lolita (and other such as fairy kei) clothing. I really like the idea of making my own stuff and I think that fabric etc. is a good investment for the future seeing as I'm a cheapskate and Lolita clothing is expensive. I'll probably start off with like bows (which I already make), cuffs and little hair pieces for fairy kei, but I really want to make dresses and Lolita coords. This is like my ultimate dream and one day I WILL gain the courage to wear Lolita  But this is all going a bit far into the future so for now I will just keep updating this post on Lolita patterns and stare lovingly at the clothes I could one day be making.
These aren't all the patterns I've found, just the ones that I like and would like to try, feel free to give links to others in the comments and I'll add them in :)

I'm not sure whether to include pictures, I will for now and then when it gets too many I'll stop. I think I'll arrange it easy to hard (but I'm putting skirts first for some unknown reason)

I did find some posts with reconstructions but not actual tutorials but didn't add these as I'd have no idea what to do, maybe when I'm more advanced I'll make one for inspiration rather than learning.


The skirt needs two parts two it for this particular tutorial.

Basic Full elastic Waistband Lolita Skirt Tutorial. Apparently this is like the easiest skirt in the world, the tutorial does look pretty simple too. But I'm new to this so I don't know.
Sew Your Own Skirt. Looks quite straight forward to me. 
Extreme Ruffle Skirt Tutorial. Not really that lolita but it's really cute and I love it so thought I'd add it.
Lolita Skirt Tutorial Part: 1 | 2 . This is super easy to follow (as far as I can see)


Sailor Lolita Cardigan Tutorial  You will need a cardigan for this, designed for all sewing levels so shouldn't be too difficult.


How to sew a Gothic Lolita Dress. Of course you can use different material, doesn't have to be Gothic Lolita. The pattern, however, isn't that basic so you kind of have to know what you're doing for this.
Layered Pink Gingham Dress Tutorial. This is a video, so I find, easier to follow than other tutorials.
Lolita OP tutorial. Tutorial for the whole dress. You do have to know how to sew and make ruffels etc. though I'm sure you can find tutorials for that online too.


Beret Tutorial. Also includes instructions on how to customise it to make it sailor Lolita.

Sailor Hat Tutorial. I think this is reallly cute but I'm not really sailor Lolita. I love the style it's just not for me.

Rectangle Bow Tutorial. This is how I make my bows and it's super easy to do, as long as you know how to sew.
Peter Pan Collar Tutorial. Not just used for Lolita and very popular at the moment.
Fluffy Cravat Tutorial. This is really cute especially good for Dandy/Oji (male version of lolita).


Elastic Sock Topper Tutorial. I think these are adorable and would work for Cult Party Kei too!

I haven't got any bonnets because I really don't like bonnets, but if you want me to find you some tutorials I'm sure I can try.

This is a bit thin on the ground at the moment, tell me if you've made/found any other tutorials and please let me know if any links are broken c:

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