Ok so recently I've been completely obsessed with some Sailor Lolita outfits I've seen and I just think it's really cute. I really want to try some sailor lolita so I thought I'd post some of my inspiration outfits/dresses and other clothes to get started with. Maybe I'll ask for a Sailor Lolita outfit for my Bithday...

I've spoken to a couple of people who aren't that into Sailor Lolita but I hope this will warm your hearts a bit, because I think it's adorable and some of the coords I've seen and AMAZING.

Oh I also found some dividers especially for this post, enjoy!


Firstly I have some inspirational coords, mainly from Lolitas on tumblr, all of them are credited/linked to the post.

Firstly there's this coord by brizblossom on tumblr. Just everything about it is perfect. I love the dress (of course) but I also think that wig is just to die for and goes perfectly, so yeah. 
Perfection in one outfit if you ask me. I also found the picture of the back of this outfit and it made it even more perfect. LOOK AT THE FRILLS! Sorry I just love this.
I think this outfit shows that sailor lolita is interesting, it's not just the same dress/colours and you can do something with it. I think that's why I love this so much, it's inspiring.

Next is this outfit by pixie-late. I think it's cute but realy simple. I think the dress is by metamorphose.
 I don't have much else to say about this outfit, just that it's cute and simple.
This coord is by MintyMerry on tumblr which is also quite simple. 
I think generally Sailor Lolita is a very simple style, it's not really one people go OTT with but I think you can add a lot of accessories and make it less simple too.
I do love this dress.
This coord is by Blossom-of-Faelivrin on Deviantart. I think this caught my eye because it's just just navy blue and white. 
The puffy sleves are really cute and I think you can get similar shoes to those on bodyline c:


I think that this skirt would go perfectly with a simple white shirt and ribbon tie. With either a hat or matching bow to add. I just really like this skirt and it's only £19.66. 

It's from Taobao so I'm not sure how trusted this brand is but I saw this dress (well technicaly skirt and hood) and actually fell in love. If I ever get round to making my own Lolita clothes I will definitely be making something inspired by this. It's approximately £35.50 so it's not bad. But like I said I'm not sure how trusted this brand/site is. :D

Next is this really cute jumper skirt from Victorian Maiden
It costs approximately £156 so it's not for a budget lolita, but it;s really cute.
This dress also comes in black and a beige/light-brown colour (it's nicer than it sounds).
I just love this, a lot.

Sorry this post isn't that long, I'll find more pictures/items in time and I'll add them then. I'll post on my tumblr when I've updated this. I hope this has inspired you guys to get into Sailor Lolita? Or just appreciate it more? I really hope to get into and make some Sailor Lolita myself some day soon.
Thanks for reading and have a great day!