Cult Party Kei is a style founded in Japan, but it's quite popular elsewear (well in alternative fashions) it's relatively girly, mainly containing vintage pieces but there are plenty of places where you can buy new items to go with the fashion, and here I have some of the 'essential' items that you can buy outside Japan, mainly in Europe but in America too and I've tried to find relatively low priced items. Enjoy.

I kept thinking of things to add as I made this post so there's a lot of things on here, happy shopping!
This did take me forever though so you better enjoy it!

Dresses, Robes and Tops
1. Flowy Dress - Syndrome on Storenvy $36.00
2. Inset Chiffon Skirt, Lace Dress - Kiwi Shop on YesStyle £23.40
3. Rare, Lace Dress - Asos £39.00
5. Sheer Dress with Inside Dress - Syndrome on Storenvy $45.00
 8Frilled Lace-Layered Tube Top - Clubber on YesStyle £34.00

Shorts, Skirts and Trousers


1. Pastel Flower Headband - LBraveattire on Etsy £11.04
2. Flower-Accent Hair Clip - Civet on YesStyle £8.00
3. Glitter Cream Rose Headband - Bunny Farm on Storenvy $11.99
4. Sweet Pastel Hair Clip - ClosetFawn on Etsy £8.03
5.  Flower Hairband - ViViDress on YesStyle £12.00
6. Flower Girl Headband - Flutterbydaisy on Etsy £18.73

Tights and socks

1. Bunny Tights - Acid Honey on Storenvy $12.00
2. Um sorry I lost where I found these, whoops.... :/



1. Heart Lace Pin - Dolly Milk on Storenvy $20.00
2. Kitten Pin - MeltyDream on Storenvy $6.00 (unfortunately since I made this it sold out, but they have other cute stuff!
3. Alpaca Heart Brooch - MossMarchen on Etsy £10.07


But if you don't like forking out the big bucks and are on a very small budget for an outfit, then the best place to go is charity shops, I've found bags, dresses and tops that all go with the cult party kei look. I even found A dress at the carboot the other day.
I know a lot of this stuff is white or cram, sorry about that but that was what was easiest to fine.
So good luck with your cult party kei look!
Sorry some of this is a bit messy, I guess I'll get better at this whole fashion blogging thing as time goes on.