My Spring Fling with Purple

Friday, 11 April 2014

Bit of a random post today, but after a cosmetics haul recently I realised that I'm really getting into purple this Spring. My Autumn colour was very much maroon (or burgundy, whatever you want to call it) and I thought that was just my colour. However, it has transformed into purple this spring so I thought I'd take some pictures and do a post on it because why not.
First is cosmetics, and I'll tell you a little bit about these with some links and stuff (top left to bottom right):
1. L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Midnight Purple - My fave eyeliner is definitely this, I've had the black one for ages and went to restock and saw they had purple, I was amazed. It's only a tint of purple but it's such a nice eye liner. Very easy to conrtol, I do reccomend.//  
2. Topshop Nails in Velvet Underground -  I like the Velvet Underground and I like this nail varnish. Dark pruple has always been one of my staple nail polishes and Topshop Nails are pretty good value.// 
3. Barry M Limited Edition Dazzle Dust (similar) - Unfortunately they don't sell this product anymore, I bought it aages ago but I find myself using it a lot at the moment (like in my last post) and I highly reccomend the Barry M Dazzle Dust.// 
4. Topshop Lipstick in Depth - I did a review on this lipstick here and it is suuch a nice colour. I've been wearing it so much, need to get myself some more dark lipsticks (preferably matte).//
5. Kelly Brook for New look Nails in Lilac (similar) - This came in a pack of 3 pastel shades and I think it was special edition because I can't find it online unfortunately. But this is such a nice colour and I think I'm going to be wearing it quite a lot in future.//

For the rest of this post I've just Taken some macro shots of some of my purple pieces, I've got links to posts I've worn them in too. Macro photography is definitely the type I'm best at, I just love how different things can look when you go really close.
PVC skirt worn here and here
Lilac Skinny belt worn here
Purple ruffled skirt worn here
Vintage blazer, bought recently.
Ruffle socks worn here and here
Hope you guys enjoyed this post, something a little different again. I should have an outfit post for you next as I'm going out for a friend's birthday tonight and I'm going to go and take photos once I've gotten ready. Which is why I should be off because I have a lot to do! 
Thanks for reading!


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  2. Woow wonderful photography here with amazing aperture I love it! And I love lilac too I wish I can dye my whole hair lilac! Somedayy


  3. wow, the pictures are amazing! I love all the pastel colours, specially lilac and mint! xx

  4. Obsessed with lilac at the moment, the photography on your blog is amazing!
    Feel free to check out our newest post x


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