So as I said, today's post is an outfit post with a twist. I didn't intend to do a post like this but I was editing and I just really didn't like the backdrop. So I used some other pictures I'd taken instead.
These took me sooo long to edit but I like it, they're a little but random and quite weird. I really like that.
All pictures in this post were taken by me.

Shirt and Belt - Missguided// Skirt - Charity Shop// Tights - YesStyle// Sock and Shoes - Topshop//
Rings - Unknown// Awwdore// Born Pretty Store// Born Pretty Store// Vintage// Awwdore//
If you order from Born Pretty Store use the code "ZDT10" for 10% off your entire order.
Some of these pictures are a little messy but as my first proper go at this stuff with this blog. Look me a while, but I'm pretty pleased with these. Need to go out and take more pictures for backgrounds to do more photos like these. I think the blush puff one is my favourite.
Title is from Digital Love - Daft Punk. I am really loving that song at the moment, was listening to a mixutre of Daft Punk and Anamanaguchi when I edited this. Digital love is just so cute D:
Hope you liked this a little bit different outfit post, thanks for reading.