Can you feel my Love Buzz?

Thursday, 3 October 2013

These photos are actually from Saturday. School really has taken over my life and I'm exhausted. But it's better late then never really. Bit of a different outfit this time I think, I needed something 'new' to add and because a lot of the clothes I ordered and planned to wear didn't come I decided to use the wardrobe I already had to come up with something new. I quite like it.

Title named after a Nirvana song, because I am wearing a Nirvana shirt and I like Nirvana.

Skirt - H&M// Top and Skirt - New Look// Socks - Charity Shop// Shoes- Bronx @ Schuh// Ring - Marrakech//

I actually really love this last picture of my face. My face isn't usually very photogenic and I suck at selfies but I like this and I think it shows off my make up well.

I should have at least one outfit up next week (hopefully two) and maybe a wishlist and art post (depends how much work I have to do). Thank you all for reading, until next time :*


  1. woow funky eyeliner! It looks awesome. I would try to do something like that but i literally have the most unsteady hands and usually make myself look like an angry pirate when i opt for eyeliner hahah.
    hope school isn't toooo exhausting tomorrow...almost the weekend!!
    -Kate xo

    1. Thanks, yeah usual mine goes everywhere and I get very frustrated. But the eye-liner gods blessed me and its actually even! I think practice makes perfect really. And yeah time to sleep...zzzz <3

  2. Olá!!!, Deus te abençoe boa tarde, amiga amei o seu look e fitos lindas, SUCESSO AMIGA.
    já estou te seguindo aguardo retribuição.
    Canal de youtube:

  3. Cool look. Definitely something! ;)

  4. I love your grunge look! Perfect creepers and skirt. And I love "Love Buzz" <3

  5. you look awesome!

    kisses Violet

  6. I love this outfit-especially the skirt is amazing <<3


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