Time for another art feature! Sorry for my inactivity recently, school has taken over my life and I should have some original stuff posted sometime in the week. But anyway onto the art.

So I've seen Emmi's work a lot on tumblr and I've always loved it, but haven't taken the time to look into it more and I never realised all her works were from one person (like I saw them and didn't think to link them all to one artist). It's all very pastelly and something that I can see going down well on the blogs I follow on tumblr, well it does. But I want to look at it in more detail than that I suppose. And put it all together because not all of her pieces are the same.

Her more recent work uses very similar line and tone but if you go back a few pages in her deviations you can see a pretty wide range. I like her more sketchy hard line images as well as the blobbier ones (blobby is a postive word in my mind).

I love her use of colours so much, just so soft and tranquil. Kind of euphoric? (that isn't quite the right word but I hope you get what I'm saying). Sort of disturbingly peaceful.

I think I love her creature mashing work the most really. I mean how awesome would it be to have owldragons? Terrifying but cool. Again I love the colours here, and this is one of the pieces she uses more colour in and I love how pretty it looks even when using block. The use of line enhances this.

And bunnies, bunnies enhance everything...

This piece just makes me laugh. I'm not laughing at it, it's brilliant, it's just the sheer ridiculousness of it and the dinosaur girls face that just make me crack a smile. I always love it when artist do the soft colourng on features like the knees etc. it adds sometime to a piece that I can't quite put my finger on it.

This piece is where I first properly looked at Emmi's work. It intrigued me greatly and I love the message with it "if we were a little stranger on the outside to match the strangeness on the outside" humans would be perfect. I just love that, humans are so strangely imperfect inside, it should be shown on the outside to fit.

My only problem with having hoves or claws would be that shoes would be very hard to make and I love shoes...

This is probably one of my favourite pieces of her's, it's intriguing for one thing but I just love the use of coloring, the lines and the expressions. Something about it gives me such chills. 

There were so many to pick from I wish I'd done like 5 more pictures, but I'm becoming tired and words aren't coming easy so you can check them out for yourself and I can keep my muddled thoughts.
I just love her work, Intriguing is probably the best word. Amazing too.

So check her out for yourself on her Deviantart and Tumblr.

Thanks for reading. Should have an outfit post on soon :*