But Baby it's Cold Outside

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Or something to that affect is why I only have 3 photos for this post (and one of them is blurry). The plan was yesterday to go see Incidious 2 (which is a lot scarier than 1 and actually has a story) to go outside and take some pictures before my parents get out of their movie. But we didn't take may before Tom decided it was too cold to continue. But it doesn't matter because I got enough for a post.... and he has a chance to redeem himself tonight ;D

Shirt - Urban Outfitters // Dress - Yesstyle.com// Tights - ASDA // Boots - Doc Marten @ Amazon // Belt - Upcycled// Bag - Ollie & Nic//

I tried to save the pictures from the monster that is flash but it didn't completely Work.
I have a party tonight and Im taking my full flash gun so I should have some interesting pictures from that to show you guys. Fun fun fun outfit planned... which I must get ready for because I have to be out of the house in like an hour and a half and I'm not ready at all... oops
Thanks for reading c:


  1. Gorgeous! Love the rings ♥
    Oooh, can't wait to see the pictures from the party!


  2. I always love denim shirts! loooove this!


  3. You've got such killer blue eyes!



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