Back to school: Stationary

Sunday, 1 September 2013

I think I'm dreading going back to school this year more than I ever have. And it's only 2 days away. But one thing I always enjoy is shopping for stationary, getting cute stuff. Even stuff I'll never use. I wasted loads of money at Blott this year on rubbers I'm just going to use as decoration but they were just too cute to resist.

I thought rather than just showing you pictures of everything (because a lot isn't cute) I made collages instead.

All the aroable rubbers you see (and below) are from Blott, seriously I spent like £10 on rubbers not even joking. The notebooks are from Asda and they're really cute and will be perfect next year. And Tom got me the pens from Hong Kong.

*bonus picture* A bit of a small post I know but I am editing stuff for new outfit posts atm and will possibly have pictures of tomorrow (going to see Dinosaur Jr.).

Until then c:


  1. I have a passion for stationery too. I have loads upon loads. The stuff you got is super cute.

  2. such cute stationary, i think for the most part i just end up collecting them instead of using them b/c they're so cute lol.


  3. Arrrh, those rubbers are so so cute! I'd be too afraid to use them, they're too pretty! Good luck for school ^.^ xxx

  4. ADOOORABLE stationary stuff :D
    those pens are so cute! Xx

  5. Gosh, so pretty! So many flashbacks... i think i want to return to school just for a minute!


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