Ok so the title for today is a Dinosaur Jr. song because it was my outfit from yesterday when I went to see them. If you were wondering, they were awesome, pretty loud and Tom is still half deaf but I had fun. Most of my friends got stuck into the Mosh pit but  was happy with my place right at the front getting bashed round a bit. 

To be fair I don't remember all that much of it, I was kind of in a trance and it all blurs into one. Great night though. 
Anyway back to what you're here for, the outfit.

Jumper - Sparke & Fade @ Urban Outfitters // Shorts - Bitching & Junk Food @ Urban Outfitters // Shoes - Doc Marten // Necklace - Market in Barcelona // Bag - Stall in Marrakech//

The jumper is super comfy and as you can probably already tell I'm in love with these shorts. I think you'll be seeing a lot more of the bag too. Though it still smells a bit...

Awwdore // Marrakech // Marrakech // Unknown //

Some of the editing went a bit weird. They were a bit over exposed so I tried to compensate but I'm tired from the first day back at school (eugh) and last night so it didn't really work and I didn't have to patience to make  it work.

Anyway, if you are back at school how's it going?
Bit of a short speech here but I am exhausted. I meant to post this a lot earlier but my internet cut out and so it had to wait until now...
Anyway, until next time ciao c: