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Monday, 22 July 2013

These photos are all from the same day as my last post (but I haven't updated in a while, sorry about that) but I was wearing this outfit again today for shopping so I thought it was a good time to post it. I mostly bought winter clothes today because there were a lot on sale (I mean Zara had a massive sale) so I won't be able to show you that until it's a bit cooler here in the UK but I'm hoping that's a while away.
I also bought some new eyeliner (both from Rimmel London) which I may review sometime soon and I got some stuff for my new circle lenses which I will be reviewing hopefully tomorrow for you guys, exciting stuff.
Anyway now on with the outfit post.

Necklace - Market Stall in Barcelona // Croptop - Topshop // Skirt - Miss Selfridges // Flipflops -Unknown // 

I absolutely love this skirt, it's a pain in the butt in the wind because it flaps everywhere but it's perfect for hot conditions as it's thin and also cold as you can wear tights underneat and a pair it with a cosy jumper. You will probably be seeing it in a fair few outfit posts in the future.

I look a bit startled in the last photo, but it'ss different to my usual face post (idek) so I thought it worked and it's not like awful.
Oh yeah the title, I thought 'this is a simple outfit, simple title....' and then Simple Song by The Shins popped into my head. They're a really good band to listen to in the sunshine or when you want to imagine you're in the sunshine, pretty chill and sweet. So have a listen the music video is pretty interesting too if you want to look for that c: 

Thanks for reading guys and see you again soon :D

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  1. That skirt is insane! aah i love it. And this song is awesome too thanks for sharing it!
    (I'm also like stalking your blog right now and it's brilliant heheh)
    -Kate xo

    bleached mort


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