As I've changed my tumblr blog layout (from just pink to whatever I feel like) I've found myself reblogging more super cool art and just thought I'd like to share some with you guys. So I think each week I'll try and do an art feature to show you a new artist whose work I'm falling in love with and this week I've chosen Zain (ざいん).

Firstly I've got to say a lot of the art I'll post will be this sort of style, I don't know why but it's a style I#m in love with and I style I wish I could do myself (but alas I cannot). I love the vivid almost metallic bright colours that give these pieces a futuristic feel and I find that a lot of art done in this style looks brilliant as a sketch or something completely refined (and I have a mixture in this post).

I also compiled these from a mixture of places as ざいん has:
DeviantArt // Pxiv // Blog //
I looked through all of these places finding art works I love so enjoy.
This is probably my favourite image by him, everything is so realistic in a sort of surreal way. The items have a real feel to them but the colours are so obscured that it lookd unreal. It's a simplistic scene, a mess that looks so perfect and chilled.


This picture is less refined, kind of sketchy but it still works. It's like the blurry feeling you get when traveling on a train at night when you're almost drifting off to sleep. But somehow the details are still there in a blury kind of way
 I've noticed he uses the same colours a lot, pink and blue with slight tinges of green, especially for his original character work. Maybe this is what appeals to me. But with this picture it's just so obscure yet so... cool that you kind of just want to trying sitting in a UFO catcher machine, thought i wouldn't want to leave my stuff out like that, might get stolen...
Lastly this very sketchy piece. I'd love to see this refined and finished but it's also perfect as it is. Again the use of the same three colours but these are the base layers so you can see how he builds things up. His concepts are so cool too.

Can you tell that I'm in love with his work? Are you?
Find him on:

 DeviantArt // Pxiv // Blog //

Hope you liked reading this and let me know if you want more art features in the future.
Until next time c: