It's no secret that sustainable and ethical fashion, just like regular fashion, has a sizing issue. Despite the fact that the average size in the UK is a 16 most brands only bother catering from a 6-14, maybe a bit more if you're lucky. And in a world where we're trying to make sustainable fashion something that is accessible, this is not good enough.

I'm always an advocate for the fact that we can't just buy our way to sustainability but the fact also remains that people need clothes. And size should not be a barrier to people buying clothes they love, that are also sustainably and ethically made.

I made a post a little while ago about plus size ethical and sustainable fashion brands, which went down well, but a lot of my pals in the UK were asking if I could find some more UK based brands as so here we are! There's nothing worse than finding a piece you absolutely love and then realising that the store ships from the US (not that sustainable) and that shipping is really expensive, plus it's good to support local and so here are 16+ size inclusive sustainable and ethical brands that are also based here in the UK, some good ol' British brands. And because it's me we have to have brands full of colour and fun. I also had feedback that people liked that I included size ranges in the last one so they're there too!

The Emperor's Old Clothes
UK 4-28+
Sustainable fashion handmade in Brighton. These super fun pieces are made with vintage and deadstock fabrics, with trousers, dungarees, two pieces, all pieces also available as a "design your own" option so you can get custom sizing, and fabrics, for any piece. They have a zero textile waste policy and use scraps to make accessories and even sell scrap kits so you can make some pieces yourself!

Foundling studios
UK 4-26+
Colourful, out there, independent designs. Their heart patch boiler suits are so amazing! The colour-ways are ones you don't always see in sustainable fashion, plus there's fringe galore, I love some fun ethical fashion. Shop them on Depop!

XS-XL (including Tall options)
Fun, bright, sustainably and ethically made activewear. I always go on about how much I love Girlfriend Collective, a US brand, and TALA give me a similar vibe, lots of colours of leggings, sports tops, and even underwear, Very fun. Their size range isn't the most amazing, but they do have tall options on leggings and include a range of models in their campaigns which is why I included them in this list. I hope they expand sizes soon.

Plus Equals
UK 14-42
Plus equals have been in a few of my blog posts before, they do fun clothing for plus size femmes! They make pieces to order with sizes up to a 42. With colourful jumpsuits, fun prints, and even plus size reworked vintage. Love love it!

P.S they have a sample sale on right now so you can get a few limited sizes of their products much cheaper!

Deakin & Blue
Cup size AA-HH, 28-44 band
Deakin and Blue are a Uk based sustainable swimwear brand, selling three different versions of each swimsuit for different cup sizes. Honestly so many times I've found cute swimwear that just doesn't do my sizing and this is a great solution! They have expanded their size range in that past, and are open to expanding their size ranges again if they have demand for it, so if you like their swimsuits but they don't have your size then it is definitely worth an email

Better tights
Colourful, fun, and basic tights, including fishnets and anti-chafing shorts, sustainably made and size inclusive. They have 7 different sizes of tights which translates to a size range of 4-36. Not only sustainable in manufacturing but they're made to last, no more constantly ripping tights. I love the variety! And will probably buy a pair to test them out myself soon

We are kin are a black owned slow and sustainable brand stocking some beautiful, minimalist, mainly linen pieces. Not all of their pieces are available in up to a size 24 but most are. They definitely have a chic af style.

XS-4XL+ (custom sizing available)
YUK FUN are a brand that are right up my street, colourful, fun, a little bit silly! Their collections are made in small batches, so their pieces are not always available but you can keep up with what they're doing on social media

Aesthetic Laundry
A colourful independent brand, Aesthetic Laundry makes clothes that are fun, and really comfy. With all clothes designed and made in house, here in the UK. I personally love their rainbow tasseled jumpers, and two toned trousers.

House of Flint
A slow and independent brand, with pieces all made by one person in Lincolnshire.  Their pieces make me want to go frolicking in the country side, and grow some vegetables. It has that lovely, warm feel.Very much warm earthy tones, with some gorgeous shapes.

Indigo Child
Crochet galore! This independent brand has everything from crocheted jumpers and dresses, to headbands and even vagina earrings! Colourful, fun, and a little bit out of the box all items are handmade by the brand owner and available in custom sizing.

Omi nana
Size depending on brand
Omi Na Na is actually an ethical and sustainable store which offers lots of different brands from  oth fashion and homewear. Not all are size inclusive but you can search their clothes by size which makes finding brands that offer inclusive sizing that much easier! Like Mati, an Indian brand, who offer XS-6L in some gorgeous shapes and The Loom Art who offer size XS- XXXL.

AK Threads
UK 6-22
Minimalist pieces sustainably made to order in London. Each piece has details about where everything down to their tread and buttons are made from.Their official sizing runs from 6-22 but there are options to contact for individual sizing, so they may be able to make larger sizes.

Their Motto is dress in protest and that is certainly something you can do in Birdsong clothes. With pieces from flowy beautiful blouses to protest t shirts and masks, I am a big fun of these ethically and sustainably made garms. Not all of their collections have the biggest size range but most go up to an XXL, with some up to a 5XL. If I didn't already own enough tees I would have  ahard time choosing which one of theirs to buy. One thing I would love to see from them is clothes shown on a range of different size models!

Lora Gene
UK 8-28
I first heard of Lora Gene through the wonderful Aja Barber who has a beautiful capsule collection with the brand. They're a sustainable and ethical brand with mainly beautifully made minimalist pieces. Not all of their pieces go up to a size 28, but most reach a size 22.

By Megan Crosby
XS-XL+ (custom sizing available)
Megan's designs have been all over my instagram as of late, and for good reason, they've gorgeous! All hand made by her and her assistant, with fabrics custom ordered and designed by megan herself the colours she uses are *heart eyes*. Honestly the cow print pieces she did a while back, I want them back big time. Though the pieces on Megan's website go up to an XL officially, she does offer custom sizing for her pieces, as well as the option for bespoke tailoring. Though sadly everything on her site is sold out right now, she is back on September 4th.

Funk It By Charles
UK 8-22+
A vintage brand using a plus model to sell clothing? A rarity! Finding plus size vintage clothes is not the easiest task, I know, and even when you do find pieces they're often modelled on people size 6-10 so it can be hard to see what they'd look like on bigger bodies. But this brand has quite a lot of pieces size 16+, modelled on a size 16 model. And searching on depop for clothes >26, this was the store that kept coming up.

So there you have it, hopefully you've found something you were looking for! Sadly there are a lot less options here in the UK than in the US but we do have some wonderful brands. With more popping up and expanding size ranges as time goes on. If you have any other brands to suggest then please do, especially brands that go above a UK 22/XXL as we seem to be lacking in those!

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