If you've followed me for even a little while you'll know that I am a huge fan, and advocate for, second hand and vintage fashion as a way to buy clothing sustainably. I lived in Nottingham for three years and it remains one of my favourite places to shop second hand, there's a wealth of vintage stores, second hand stores, so many wonderful charity shops, all within walking distance in the city centre (which is very accessible via public transport). And so when I went back to visit last weekend I thought that I would take some pictures, and curate this guide for anyone living in or visiting Nottingham City Centre. This is mainly only looking at the city centre, and not the wider Nottingham area

A note about accessibility and privilege: I always love to promote second hand fashion (especially charity shops) as an accessible and affordable way to shop sustainably, but it won't necessarily always stay that way. The most that middle class sustainable influencers like myself promote second hand as a trendy way to shop, because we do it out of choice, the less affordable it's going to be for people who rely on second hand stores. So please be mindful when you shop, don't buy stuff just to go and sell it more expensive on depop, and only take what you need. Also if you have time to give, give back and volunteer! That way you can help keep second hand fashion available for those who need it. There are definitely enough second hand clothes to go around but the prices are already starting to creep up.

There are a fair few vintage shops in Nottingham, it's magical, and they're all concentrated more or less in one area around Hockley so it's pretty easy to shop them all in the day.

Cow Vintage, 3 Carlton Street, NG1 1NL
On the expensive end of the scale, Cow offer upcycled and vintage clothes that are right on trend. Some of my favourite pieces are from here and they have an ever changing range of clothes, but it is often hard to find sizes for clothes and if you're plus size, there's not much for you here sadly.

Braderie, 19-21 Pelham Street, NG1 2ED
A lovely shop on the way up to Hockley. Fun fact, I once went to a job interview here! They have a wide range of men's and women's vintage that tends to change seasonally. It's one of my stops whenever I go vintage shopping in Nottingham and the staff are always lovely and helpful.

Hopkinson, 21 Station Street, NG2 3AJ
I've never actually been in here, it's right next to the station and is a mix of vintage shops, independent retailers and even a zero waste shop. Will have to visit next time I'm in Nottingham.

Relic, Intu Vistoria Centre, NG1 3QN
What used to be a tiny shop in the West arcade  is now in Victoria Centre with Hooked. I haven't been to their new store but they always offered a range of vintage street wear, as well as some of their own apparel (though I'm not sure where that's manufactured). I'm not sure if their small store in West arcade is still there.

Wild Clothing, 4-6 Broad Street, NG1 3AL
 Go downstairs here to find the vintage section, it's small but pretty cool. I got the dress I wore to graduation here! So it holds a special place in my heart. Upstairs they have a range of new clothing but I'm not sure who manufacturers these new items so proceed with caution!

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Left, My Sight Chairty shop. Right, Trying on a beautiful dress in Cow Vintage.
Charity Shops
My advice on the route to take to hit most of the charity shops is to start at banardos up market square, and then head in the direction of hockley, they're pretty much all situated along one straight road. Along with a lot of the vintage stores.

White Rose multiple locations
There are 6 different white Rose shops, these are a bit different to the average charity shop in that they're curated charity shops, a lot more organised and fashionable than your standard charity shop but also quite a bit more expensive, with some clothes from fast fashion brands like new look selling for what I'm sure it probably about retail price. But you can get some bargains, downstairs in WR2 there is a bargain basement with most items being around £1 each, and they're also split into seperate men's and women's stores too.

Sue Ryder 30-32 Goose Gate. NG1 1FF
 I think this is one of my favourite charity shops of all time, and is definitely a mix between a charity shop and genuine vintage shop I always dream of going here. They have an awesome second hand clothing section along with furniture, sewing supplies, books, and more! I was so excited to come back and buy patterns and sewing supplies from here as I don't know anywhere good in Cardiff to get these second hand.

My Sight 10-12 Carlton Street, Hockley, NG1 1NN
I love this little Charity shops, many of my most loved clothing pieces have come from here. Though it has changed in the last few months and now holds clothes from a vintage shop too so there's a mix of more expensive vintage clothing and cheaper charity shop items. The people that run it are lovely, and it's located just opposite Cow vintage, definitely recommend it here.

Emmanuel House  53-61 Goose Gate, NG1 1FE
A very small charity shop supporting the support centre it's attached to. I don't often go in here but they always have quirky bits and pieces that are my favourite thing about little charity shops like this.
Shopping here means you're directly supporting local people too which is wonderful.

Oxfam   16-22 Goose Gate, NG1 1FF
Located next to two White Rose Charity shops, and just up from Sue Ryder and Emmanuel House, this Oxfam is on my usual city centre charity shop sweep it has a range of clothes, books, and random other things. Plus it's always stocked with lots of flyers so if you're looking to find out what's on in Notts this is a place to go. Oh and Oxfam now have an online shop so you can shop charity without even leaving your house.

Banardo's, 15 Angel Row, NG1 6HL
Just off Market Square, this shop is always packed to the brim with stock, clothes everywhere. Plus my favourite pair of "going out" trousers are from here and I've worn them every week for like three years, so it holds a special place in my heart for that.
A style swap events x Shop Zero  Nottingham Clothes Swap
So along with permanent  clothing shops there are also events going on around Nottingham for vintage clothing, as well as second hand shops that don't sell clothing!

Kilo Vintage Sales
There are lots of kilo vintage sales across the UK, some are permanent, but most just travel around from city to city. The Vintage Clothing Kilo Sale, is one that regularl pops up in Nottingham and is help in Nottingham Trent Student's union. As well as Worth the Weight. Though it's worth looking out for other ones too!

Clothing Swaps
Style Swap Events run events across Nottingham including ones with Shop Zero Nottingham which I have been involved in. You can also organise your own as a creative and low cost way to get into sustainable fashion, whether it's with a couple of friends or at your uni!

British Heart Foundation, 50-52 Long Row NG1 6JB
This is a charity shop, furniture shop! With a wide range of furniture and electrical items if you're looking for a cheaper way to kit out your house along with supporting charity this is it!

Repair Cafe's
These may not be a place to get new clothes, but they can be a place to get clothes you already own fixed, or learn to fix them. Whether that's the Nottingham Fixers, or the Victoria Repair Cafe in West Bridgford you can give new life to old broken clothing and other items!

If you have any other amazing suggestions do let me know and I'll put them in, I'm also thinking of writing a zero waste/ sustainable guide to Nottingham so do let me know if you'd be interested in that. Until next time!

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