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In the era of online shopping we (at least in my house) end up with an awful lot of cardboard boxes! Especially when opting to shop with eco brands, plastic is often replaced with cardboard which is a great alternative, but what can you do with it all?

Well you could just recycle them all, but there are so many other ways you can use cardboard boxes before putting them in the bin. So let's get a bit creative.

1. Make A Crown, or fake beard
Have a bit of fun! Got a fancy dress party to go to with no costume? A couple accessories made of some cardboard and you're sorted; without having to buy any cheap and nasty costumes. I may look ridiculous in this beard and hat but I am ready for my next fancy dress party.

2. Send another parcel
I don't think this one needs an explanation really. Just use your box to send another parcel, if everyone did this there would be a lot less new cardboard needing to be made, and less new stuff means less harm to the planet, we love a circular economy solution.

3. Give it to your cat
Ever bought a present for your cat and they've liked the box more than the actual present? Yep, cat's love a good box, and you can even make a DIY cat scratcher out of multiple boxes to avoid buying new ones. Don't have a cat? Me neither, can't help you there I'm afraid.

4. Make a protest sign
Signs made from board aren't always the sturdiest of signs but they do the trick, get some art supplies, paint a message, and go out and fight for a good cause! I made my sign to support the youth strike for climate on Valentine's day... a migraine got in the way on the day but I still had fun making the sign.
5. Box Fort
I don't have quite enough boxes yet but I do love the idea of getting together with a bunch of friends on a rainy day and making a big box fort, don't you?

6. Gift Tags
If you saw my Christmas gift wrapping guide you will have seen I used old Christmas cards to make new tags from, but you could also make your own with pieces of cardboard, decorate them however you want and then use some twine to attach them. Personalised, and recycled.

7. Moving Day
As someone who has only recently graduated uni and has moved around a lot in the last couple of years I know that the stash of cardboard boxes I kept In my room were an essential part of each move. So if you, or a friend, are moving soon then start collecting those boxes ready, you always seem to have more stuff than you could ever imagine having!

8. Compost
Feed your plants! As long as you have a healthy compost bin, you should be able to compost cardboard. It's also recommended to make sure your cardboard is in smaller pieces (you can also shred it) to make it easier to decompose. So break it up, pop it in the compost bin and in a few months you'll have lovely plant food

And that's it for some great ideas of what to do with any cardboard boxes you may have, before putting them in the recycling bin. Do you have any other ideas? Let me know in the comments.

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